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ODD CUBES. It's not a familiar name, and it's not supposed to be. It's something totally new, quite different... something that enables you to better adapt to the challenges of the future.

Odd Cubes has deep roots in the past. As part of the NDC Group, we made the exciting journey from the early days of the forwarding business.

We've inherited a legacy of a strong commitment to our customers, and an undying dedication to quality values. The experience has provided us with a knowledgeable insight and deeper appreciation of the many factors that influence the industry.

Both of these serve as our guiding principle as we move forward to the next century.
We believe that the future is upon us. We aspire and envision ourselves as innovators, as well. We will strive to develop new products and services to meet the ever growing and evolving demands of our customers in an increasingly global marketplace.


Odd Cubes combines a long tradition of quality, reliability and innovation with the enthusiasm and dynamism of a start-up company. It's a potent combination -- one that will help us respond to the rapidly evolving and changing demands of the global market and the dynamic trends of the industry.


We firmly believe and will continue to vigorously pursue a long term client partnership, and aspire to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Only with an all out commitment to continued innovation and customer satisfaction can we be able to stay on and keep ahead of the competition.


To serve our international clients, Odd Cubes is now situated in a world-class city. Through our Singapore headquarter and our Manila office, we are now able to serve you with the latest technologies and the most accessible location for your logistic needs at the best rates.

  Mobile Office
Efficient and functional office containers setup in a short span of time.
  Bunkhouse Container
Bunkhouse containers are designed to provide mobile lodging.
  Refrigerated Container
An all-electric, one-piece, self-contained cooling and heating refrigeration unit.
  Dry / Special Container
Designed to suit your storage, special events and other needs.
  Diesel Generator Sets
Self-contained, automatic, diesel-powered that supply electrical power to any model of refrigerated container van or equipment.

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