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  (20 FTR) (40 FTR)
HEIGHT 8.5FT. 8.5FT.
  • Wooden door with lock set
  • Jalousie windows (1.2m x.90m) or aluminum sliding windows
  • Canopy for all windows and doors
  • Siding/Ceiling - marine plywood or fiberboard
  • Insulation - styropor or ACI fiberglass
  • Vinyl tiles flooring
  • Double-deck steel beds
  • Painting - interior and exterior
  • Exhaust fan
  • Comfort Room: ceramic tiles, water closet, lavatory
  • Kitchen: working table, kitchen sink with faucet
  • Electricals: circuit breaker, convenience outlets, 40 watts fluorescent bulbs, electrical wiring


  Mobile Office
Efficient and functional office containers setup in a short span of time.
  Bunkhouse Container
Bunkhouse containers are designed to provide mobile lodging.
  Refrigerated Container
An all-electric, one-piece, self-contained cooling and heating refrigeration unit.
  Dry / Special Container
Designed to suit your storage, special events and other needs.
  Diesel Generator Sets
Self-contained, automatic, diesel-powered that supply electrical power to any model of refrigerated container van or equipment.

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