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  (20 FT) (40 FT) (40FT) HI-CUBE
INSIDE CAPACITY 33.2 cu.m 67 cu.m 76.3 cu.m
MAX. GROSS WEIGHT 24,000 kg 30,480 kg 30,480 kg
TARE WEIGHT 2,220 kg 3,850 kg 4,030 kg
INSIDE LENGTH 5,903 mm 12,031 mm 12,031 mm


2,352 mm 2,353 mm 2,352 mm


2,391 mm 2,391 mm 2,687 mm
MAX. CARGO WEIGHT 21,780 kg 26,530 kg 27,430kg
INTERIOR LINING Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
FLOOR Apitong Plank Coated Plywood Coated Plywood

vaseline hair & scalp patrol special event container

40ft container

container store with roll-up window (10 ft)

40 footer Tolda Grill


  Mobile Office
Efficient and functional office containers setup in a short span of time.
  Bunkhouse Container
Bunkhouse containers are designed to provide mobile lodging.
  Refrigerated Container
An all-electric, one-piece, self-contained cooling and heating refrigeration unit.
  Dry / Special Container
Designed to suit your storage, special events and other needs.
  Diesel Generator Sets
Self-contained, automatic, diesel-powered that supply electrical power to any model of refrigerated container van or equipment.

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